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Why Custom Is Better

All of our custom suits are made to measure, available in multiple fabrics, including custom lining, buttons, stitching, monogram signature, choice of lapel holes, plus extras. 

Making You WalkWorthy Since 2014

Our custom clothes are tailor-made for you at affordable prices. We don’t just take your measurements – we get to know you and your style. We want to know what you are comfortable wearing. Our clothes will compliment you where you are now – from every angle.

Everyone likes to dress up and feel their best. Our carefully procured selection of men’s suits, tuxedos, overcoats, shoes, and more are chosen with the Walkworthy client in mind. You can’t find these styles and elegance just anywhere. Our affordable prices ensure that you don’t have to be rich to feel and look like a million bucks.

Custom FIttings Online or in person

Besides styling, the most critical part of the process is advising you on how to get the most flattering fit with the most accurate measurements possible. We’ll discuss and note your preferences along the way. We’ll measure 36 different ratios and take your photo from three different angles so every detail, down to how you normally stand is taken into account by our expert tailors. 

Armed with your style and measurements, your custom suit is off to be tailored. Approximately 4-6 weeks later, we’ll invite you to schedule a fitting with us at either our location or yours.  Often, no alterations are needed, but if so, we turn them around within 3-4 business days. We can either deliver the suit to you or arrange for you to pick it up.

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Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule a visit with your advisor when it’s convenient. Come in, sit down, and relax. This is your time. We’re all about making it easy and enjoyable. Whether you need only a little help or a lot, you’ll find our friendly, knowledgeable people are the best in the business.

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